have you ever had to restart a song because you spaced out and weren’t appreciating it enough

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"This is partially expected~"

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On a murderous rampage my character has cornered yours. What does your character say in 10 words or less to try and save their skin?

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when people think they can tell me what to do/what not to do with my blog



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RP Situation Meme


Send me a “☯” and I’ll generate an Rp  (Or honestly just send me which one you wanna do)

Thunder: It’s raining outside and my muse is stuck inside with ___ (your character) and when the power goes out they cuddle to keep warm.

Peppermint: a candied kiss; our muses fight over the last candy…the one who does manage to grab it gets a sweet surprise, when the other muse kisses them, pulling away with a satisfied smirk, and the sweet treat between their lips.

When I Get Home, You’re So Dead: Your muse making mine cry. Whether they make up is up to you

Duel: One muse has announced their intention to fight a duel for the other’s honor

Babysit: Our muses must take care of a child together.

Goodbye: Your muse is leaving for good (you can specify the reason or leave it blank) and says goodbye to my muse

Oh Glory: Our muses have a huge fight.

She Had The World: One of our muses tries desperately to impress the other.

Blizzard: One of our muses got lost in the woods. The other goes out to find them and they end up caught in a blizzard.

Camisado: One of our muses is in the hospital because of something the other did (Feel free to specify what/why).

Dangerous Liaisons: One muse catches the other in bed with a high ranking courtier

Matriarchy: Our muses wake up in a world where traditional roles have swapped; women rule the kingdom and men are the meek bystanders

Always: One of our muses realizes what the other means to them.

Backstabbing: One muse has cheated the other out of something important to them (An award, a reward, a chance to go somewhere/do something)

Fireflies: Starry nights, and fireflies; our muses are laying in the grass, either around the pitch black midnight, or somewhere after, with lidded eyes watching the stars, and playing with fireflies.

Basic Genderswap: Our muses find they’ve switched genders (if they’re the same, they both become the opposite gender together)

I Need You: One muse will become very emotional, and require the company of the other muse (You decide who).

Sharp Dressed Man: Our characters must go somewhere very formal together, and maybe feel a rush of attraction at seeing the other dressed up.

Take Me Away: Your muse, in a fit of passion, asks my muse to run away with them and leave everything else behind

Protect me: Your character keeps mine safe from harm.

Bedridden: My muse is sick and bedridden. You decide what the symptoms are.

I Hate Love(?) You: In the middle of a heated argument, one muse grabs the other and kisses them passionately

Payback: One muse finds out the other was responsible for the death of a loved one in battle

Black Death: Our muses find themselves in the midst of a plague-ridden city and one of them begins to cough

War: Our muses, as monarchs, get into a huge fight and one muse declares war on the other. Will they go through with it? Will the other muse try to talk them out of it?

(Add on to this if you have more ideas!)

Your character overhears someone calling mine ‘a monster’, what does your character do?

Angsty sentences


"P-please don’t… I cannot anymore…"
"I promise I won’t do it again."
"Get out of my sight!"
"You’re a disgrace!"
"I wish you died back then…"
"You deserve no good."
"You deserve a punishment."
"Shut up or I’ll gag you!"
"D-don’t approach me."
"It hurts so much."
"I cannot stand this anymore!"
"Let me go, I beg you."
"How long will you keep me here?"
"Leave this place and don’t return."
"You are no longer welcome here."
"You are such a wretched being…"