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"How Not To React When Your Son Is Gay"

My heart breaks while watching this video. If you’re reading this and need support, please contact The Trevor Project. They are the leading national organization for crisis & suicide prevention - they are there to talk, 24/7 - confidential and free.

this made me sick to my stomach

every straight person needs to watch this video

this is awful.

at least there’s SOME kind of positive to the situation- there’s a gofundme page for him that reached almost 15 times the goal amount and is still growing higher by the minute



sephiroth ♔ for i-k-i
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Anonymous: ★I’d Dominate you ☆I’d Submitt for you ▲ Handjob ▼ Blowjob ♒ Swallow ○ Be my Slave ◎ Be my Master ♪ Talk Dirty ☺Make a baby 

Muse: **blinks in rapid succession, his jaw dropping before composing himself** “Do reveal yourself…”

Mun: oh. my. GOD. **PANTING**



Silken curtains made their way into his vision. The gray had disappeared from his sight, but its memory lay burned into his mind, an image that would forever be etched into him, even if his conscious mind forgot. He did not even blink at the rather sudden motion, his mind only half focused on the outside.

No, it was his thoughts that had most of his attention, the void that seemed to appear from time to time to swallow him whole and leave him feeling empty, hollow… He barely even realized that his lover had spoken to him.

"Neither. I am fine, Vasilij…"

He tilted his head to the side, worry now eminent on his features, in his eyes… They seemed to scream, "What do I do for you, seph?" It was not to say that, ‘this is not the same Seph’, because suppose this was a part of him? A part Vasilij could only aid in, and never change. He was content with that knowledge.

He settled himself down beside his love and stroked his hair in silence. “You do not have to open up to me, my love…” his voice was gentle, quiet. “I will be here for you no matter what.”

       I’ve got a BAD case of the 3:00 am { g u i l t s } ——

          you know, when you lie in bed awake and replay
                                                  all those things you didn’t do     r i g h t ?

                Because, as we all know,
                                           solves insomnia like a nice warm glass of



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★I’d Dominate you

☆I’d Submitt for you

♣  3-Some

♤ 4-Some 

∞ More-some

▲ Handjob

▼ Blowjob

♒ Swallow

ψ Bukkake

 ☼ In public

 ✪ Put on a Show  (exhibitionism)

 ○ Be my Slave

 ◎ Be my Master

☾ Dress up

♪ Talk Dirty

✖ Rape (in the RP sense) 

☺Make a baby

☑ Add your own!



'Different day, same process,' Vasilij thought offhandedly, reading through a small list before slipping it back into a small pocket on his coat. So little to do with the expanse of time he had on his hands. He sighed inwardly and trekked through the empty streets of a small town.

It’s oddly quiet, the stillness in the night left Harmony with a sense of foreboding. She’s only a traveler, hiding secrets beneath the hood and her bangs. The nip in the air even went through her leather jacket layered over her hoodie. One thing the young woman is thankful for is there’s no one out and about. They always stop and watch the stranger moving from one end to another, venturing away from towns and cities, only stopping to fulfill contracts, gain the bounty and then gather supplies and rest. The life of a mercenary is hard, and doesn’t always help with Harmony’s self-esteem. 

The sound of boots against concrete stop abruptly. She sees someone coming to her direction. This may be where the wariness is coming from. It made Harmony worry if this is a friend or foe. No, I can’t assume. there’s no need to make unnecessary enemies. Harmony thought, hands in the pockets of her jacket. Even when the weather is warm, she would wear long sleeves and gloves. There’s a method to that bit of madness, but it is something she would not reveal to a stranger. Harmony goes on, coming closer to the man. Her heart hammers against her chest, but Harmony appears calm. She doesn’t want to show that she is nervous. 

The distance between him and the gate grew farther, and the oncoming dark seemed to elicit fear from the townspeople, drawing curiosity from the soldier. He was not threatened, or fearful. Instead, he slowed his rushed pace to glance around his surroundings. It was too quiet here. Something amiss here, perhaps? Hn.

when he came to a complete stop by an alley, he could then hear the light footsteps of a woman, and he turned to see a figure clad from head to toe in dark clothing. A lingering hand hovered over the hilt of one of his katanas and he waited patiently for the other to draw closer.

"Who are you?" he asked calmly, squaring his shoulders and straightening his stance.