1. If I fall in love with you, I dedicate my life to you. My entire heart becomes yours. My thoughts are always about you. I treasure everything about you, from your perfections to your flaws. If you ever called me, I’d drop everything and run to you. I give myself to you and only you, and if you ever left me, you can be sure that my feelings for you won’t disappear, whether I want them to or not. I don’t fall in love easily, and all I ask is that you love me back.

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  2. "This Darkness Follows Me, Even Now."
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  3. wreakinghale:

                                                  A tortured mind

                                                    A sharp blade

                               A b a d combination

                                     in the d a r k

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  4. They will drag others down in order to get what they want 
    even in death.

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  5.             I thought our story was epic, y’know, you and me.
         ”Spanning continents, and years.
                   Lives ruined, and blood shed.
                              E p i c.

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  7. I find it weird that I smile throughout the whole of American Psycho


  8. akiheeho:

    1. First game you played
    2. First console you owned
    3. First favorite game
    4. First game you preordered
    5. Favorite game or game series
    6. Top 10 games of all time
    7. Favorite genre
    8. Favorite company/developer
    9. Favorite console
    10. Favorite video game soundtrack/song
    11. Favorite art style
    12. Upcoming…

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  10. Reblog if you Skype as your muse


    and you’re willing to RP over Skype if a partner drops you an ask :)


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